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Agenda (OLD)

Conference Agenda


Monday, May 22, 2017

New York City


8:30 am


Welcome Remarks

Isaiah (Shy) Arkin, Vice President, Research and Development and Arthur Lejwa Professor of Structural Biochemistry, Hebrew University; Director, Yissum

9:00 am


Future Forecast

Exploring the most urgent challenges of the twenty-first century

A conversation among experts at the intersection of technology and global challenges — exploring the most urgent threats and creating tangible solutions.

Roger Kornberg, Nobel Laureate; Stanford University Professor, Structural Biology

9:10 am


The Startup Economy

New data on startup capital and the Israeli innovation pipeline

Matthew Winkler, Editor in Chief Emeritus, Bloomberg

9:30 am


The Landscape of Global Investment

Inside the financial services firms fueling the next wave of Israeli tech

Financial services companies are fueling Israeli innovation by connecting startups with multinational companies who can take technology to market and reap big rewards. What are the challenges and opportunities ahead for Israeli tech – and what do the most recent wave of mega-acquisitions say about the future of the Israeli-US investment pipeline and opportunities for new investors?

Inon Elroy, Israel's Economic Minister to North America

Barbara Goodstein, CEO & President, Tiger 21

Yifat Oron, Chief Executive Officer, LeumiTech

9:50 am


Morning Break

10:20 am


Feast or Famine

Energy and agriculture for a crowded planet

Rising Rising population and the scarcity of water, food, and clean energy, present significant global challenges. We will explore data on the state of innovation in energy and environmental science and discuss how new investment opportunities can sustain a crowded planet.

Catherine Wood, Founder and CEO, ARK Investment Management

Jacob Worenklein, Chairman and CEO, US Grid Company

10:50 am


The Health of Nations

Biological, agricultural, environmental and medical sciences that are saving the planet

Oded Shoseyov, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, SP Nano

11:10 am



Innovations in materials science, marine transportation and healthcare

Meital Reches, Founder, NanoAF

11:25 am


Inside Intel

A conversation with Maxine Fassberg

Maxine Fassberg, Long-serving CEO, Intel Israel

11:45 am



A special conversation with Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winner, Economics; Author, “Thinking Fast and Slow”

Aryeh B. Bourkoff, Founder and CEO, LionTree LLC

12:00 pm


Blended Reality

Cognitive computing and the age of artificial intelligence

The World Economic Forum has proclaimed that the exponential pace of innovation and technological change around the world represents the emergence of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, “characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.” What does the new blended reality of human consciousness and an emerging network of machine intelligence mean for the future?  What technologies are poised to benefit most from the acceleration of the next industrial revolution?

Jack Hidary, Senior Advisor, Google X

Tomaso A. Poggio, Member of the Board, Mobileye; Director of the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines, MIT

Adam Sager, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Canary

1:15 pm



The frontiers of biology and brain science

The opportunities for brain science to radically improve lives and contribute to social progress are limitless. Entrepreneurs at the forefront of this discipline have combined seemingly disparate research areas in new ways. This session highlights trends in computational neuroscience, which combines theoretical physics, advanced mathematics, and state-of-the art computer technology, as well as innovations in human brain imaging, biochemistry, cognitive psychology, psychiatry, and social work. Learn about the technologies that will be driving improvements in human cognition and brain health in the twenty-first century.

Howard Morgan, Partner, First Round Capital

Hagai Bergman, Professor of Brain Research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Gillian Sandler, Managing Partner, Galapont

1:45 pm


The Big Hack

Surveillance and the future of cybersecurity

Cyber-terrorism is one of the most disruptive and destructive weapons of the twenty-first century. In today’s always-on, always-online world, it is relevant to everyone. Governments, organizations, and lone criminals and terrorists all utilize cyber-terrorism in some form. The protection of computers, networks, and data from unintended or unauthorized access is imperative for national security as well as corporate security. Explore the global cybersecurity landscape and the ways in which it is being conquered by entrepreneurs and their startups as they develop technologies and systems to counteract cyber-terrorism.

David Blumberg, Founder, Blumberg Capital

Daniel S. Goldin, Chairman, President and CEO, KnuEdge

2:00 pm


Computer Vision

Teaching machines to see around corners

Shmuel Peleg, Co-Founder, Briefcam and HumanEyes

2:30 pm


Afternoon Break

2:45 pm


Macro to Micro

How nanotechnology has created a fourth industrial revolution

Shlomo Magdassi, Award-winning inventor in 3D printing, solar energy, and bio-medical systems

3:15 pm


Macro to Micro and Back Again

Scaling breakthroughs in nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform everyday life for everyone. At the nanoscale, materials may take on altered optical, electrical, or magnetic properties, rendering the classic laws of physics inapplicable and opening up a world of possibility.

Nanotechnology is expected to revolutionize communication and information technologies, the development and delivery of medicine, exploration of space, and many other important and relevant areas.  What can we expect nanotechology to achieve in the next ten years? What must we learn about the behavior of nanomaterials and their impact on the environment and global health?  We will explore the breakthroughs, opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the exciting field of nanotechnology.

Uri Banin, Founder, Qlight Nanotech

3:30 pm


Igniting Innovation

Harnessing the Israeli innovation model to solve global challenges

Israel has long pioneered original solutions to some of the world’s most vexing challenges by integrating disciplines, technologies, sectors, talent, and financial vehicles. As we experience innovation at warp speed, how can we best leverage the Israeli innovation model to prepare today’s engineers, designers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to address tomorrow’s most urgent problems? What methods, tools and approaches can we use to foster creativity, promote a culture of discovery, advance transdisciplinary collaboration, and encourage a convergence of seemingly unrelated research areas?

Itai Tsiddon, Co-Founder, Lightricks

Raphael Ouzan, Founder, BillGuard

Alexis Bonnell, Division Chief, Applied Innovation and Acceleration, U.S. Global Development Lab, USAID

3:45 pm


Closing Keynote

Alan Patricof, Founder and Managing Director, Greycroft LLC

Jason Kelly, New York Bureau Chief and Executive Editor, Bloomberg

4:15 pm


Closing Remarks

4:30 pm


*Provisional program - subject to change*