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Welcome Remarks

with Isaiah (Shy) Arkin (Vice President for Research and Development, and Arthur Lejwa Professor of Biochemistry, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Future Forecast:

Exploring the most urgent challenges of the 21st century

The Startup Economy

New data on startup capital and the Israeli innovation pipeline


The Landscape of Global Investment

Inside the financial services firms fueling the next wave of Israeli tech

Feast or Famine

Energy, agriculture and infrastructure for a crowded planet

The Health of Nations

Biological, agricultural, environmental and medical sciences that are saving the planet


Antibacterial Advances

Innovations in materials science, marine transportation and healthcare

Inside Intel

with Maxine Fassberg (Executive in Residence and Intel Vice President, Intel Capital)

Welcome to Yissum

with Yaron Daniely (Chief Executive Officer, Yissum)


A Special Conversation

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Laureate, Economics) interviewed by Aryeh B. Bourkoff (Founder and CEO, LionTree). Introduction by Clive Kabatznik (Chairman, Datos Health). Closing by Avner Mendelson (President & CEO, Leumi USA)

Blended Reality

Cognitive computing and the age of artificial intelligence


The frontiers of biology and brain science


The Big Hack

Surveillance and the future of cybersecurity

Computer Vision

Teaching machines to see

Micro to Micro

How nanotechnology has created a fourth industrial revolution


A Quantum Leap from the Lab to High-Tech

Scaling breakthroughs in nanotechnology

Igniting Innovation

Harnessing the Israeli innovation model to solve global challenges

Closing Keynote Interview

Alan Patricof (Co-Founder and Managing Director, Greycroft LLC; Founder, Apax Partners) interviewed by Jason Kelly (New York Bureau Chief and Executive Editor of Television, Bloomberg)


Closing Remarks

with Isaiah (Shy) Arkin (Vice President for Research and Development, the Hebrew University) and Marc O. Mayer (Board President, American Friends of The Hebrew University)