Dan Goldin

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Daniel Goldin

Founder and CEO, KnuEdge

Longest-Tenured Administrator, NASA

Mr. Goldin's fascination with the relationship between biology and machines is long-standing. Before founding KnuEdge, he was the longest-tenured Administrator of NASA, where he not only led the reemergence of the organization through its most challenging times in space history but also fostered the creation of the Biological and Physical Research Enterprise to enhance rigorous interdisciplinary research across biology and physical sciences at the agency. Upon leaving NASA in 2001, Mr. Goldin went back to school at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California, to further his career and education in neurobiology. During this time, he studied under Gerald Edelman, the father of neural Darwinism. In 2005, Mr. Goldin and his classmates built a robot for a robotics soccer match, in which they defeated Carnegie Mellon 23-3, catalyzing his jump into raising funds for KnuEdge. Since his founding of KnuEdge in 2005, Mr. Goldin has spent 10 years researching, developing and commercializing with the U.S. government in stealth and publicly launched the company in 2016 with an operational neural chip. Today he is bringing to market a 130 million core supercomputer, connecting hundreds of thousands of these chips, designed specifically for bringing real intelligence to machines.