Gillian Sandler

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Gillian Sandler

Managing Director, Galapont

Gillian Sandler has two decades of experience as a chairman and CEO, board member, corporate strategist, advisor, activist investor, entrepreneur and equity research analyst. She currently serves on the board of inviCRO, a leader in neuro-imaging research from discovery through phase three clinical trials. She is also on the board or advisory council of the Columbia Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute; Arc Fusion, a leading Silicon Valley think tank for the fusion of biosciences, informatics and genomics; the Johns Hopkins University Physics and Astronomy Department and Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science; and the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. Ms. Sandler was an early advisor to Israel Brain Technologies, founded by Rafi Gidron and Shimon Peres. Previously Chairman and CEO of Todobebe, she also received the first Pioneer Award for changing health disparity by a U.S. Surgeon General. Ms. Sandler has served on the board of the Pediatric Brain Injury program with the University of Miami's Miami Project.