Hagai Bergman

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Hagai Bergman

Chief Investigator and Instructor, Basal Ganglia Research Laboratory, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Professor Hagai Bergman, recipient of the 2013 Rappaport Prize for Excellence in the Field of Biomedical Research, researches basal ganglia physiology and the pathophysiological mechanisms of Parkinson's disease. His goal is to provide better understanding of the role and way of action of the basal ganglia-cortical networks in normal behavior, and to study these networks following the induction of clinical disorders such as Parkinson's disease and dyskinesia. His laboratory is the only group worldwide that has been able to record the simultaneous activity of several neurons in the basal ganglia of awake, normal, Parkinsonian and dyskinetic monkeys and to combine this data with insights from the field of neural networks and computational neuroscience. Prof. Bergman believes that only through such broad and interdisciplinary understanding will we be able to provide better methods for diagnosis and treatment of these common, devastating human diseases.