Itai Tsiddon

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Itai Tsiddon

Co-Founder, Lightricks

Itai Tsiddon is a Co-Founder of Lightricks, a Jerusalem-based mobile software startup. He is based in New York and leads Lightricks' business development efforts. Five entrepreneurs from the Hebrew University, four of them computer science Ph.D. students, founded Lightricks in 2013 in order to create the leading creativity tools company for the mobile era. So far, Lightricks has published Facetune and Enlight, two of the world's most successful premium creativity apps. Each of Lightricks' apps has reached the No. 1 rank in the overall paid iOS charts of more than 120 countries. Enlight is the most powerful suite of image processing tools on mobile and was Apple's App of the Year Runner-Up for 2015. Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait retouching application, enabling regular users to achieve results previously reserved for professionals. Lightricks was 100% bootstrapped to nearly $10 million revs a year before conducting its first venture capital deal in August 2015. The company recently began a shift to subscription models, with the belief that recurring revenue models will further enable the growth of significant software businesses on top of the new mobile computational platforms.