Roger Kornberg

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Roger Kornberg

Nobel Laureate, Chemistry; Professor of Structural Biology, Stanford University

Professor Roger David Kornberg is an American biochemist and professor of structural biology at Stanford University's School of Medicine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006 "for his studies of the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription." His work explained the process by which genetic information from DNA is copied to RNA. Prof. Kornberg earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Stanford University. Among his honors are the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation's Alfred P. Sloan Jr. Prize (2005), Le Grand Prix Charles-LĂ©opold Mayer from the French Academy of Sciences (2002) and the Welch Award in Chemistry (2001). He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Prof. Kornberg has been a visiting professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1986 and received an HU honorary doctorate in 2001.