Shmuel Peleg

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Shmuel Peleg

Co-Founder, BriefCam and Humaneyes; Professor of Computer Science, the Hebrew University

Shmuel Peleg is a computer science professor at the Hebrew University, performing research in computer vision and developing methods that enable computers to understand visual information from pictures and video. The successful extraction of useful information from video enables many intelligent applications across myriad fields. Computer vision researchers at the Hebrew University have founded several companies, the most famous of which is Mobileye, founded by Prof. Amnon Shashua, which uses video cameras to drive cars autonomously. Prof. Peleg is the founder of two companies: Humaneyes Inc. and BriefCam Inc. Humaneyes addresses panoramic stereo imaging and recently introduced the Vuze panoramic stereo camera. BriefCam Inc. produces video synopsis software that can summarize hours of surveillance video in minutes. Video synopsis is used at many popular public landmarks, including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, and was used to identify the perpetrators of the Boston bombing in 2013. Prof. Peleg was awarded the Kaye Innovation Award twice: for the panoramic stereo technology behind Humaneyes, and for the video synopsis of BriefCam. He has published hundreds of technical papers and holds several patents. Prof. Peleg served as an editor and chairman of numerous international journals and conferences, and he co-founded the Computer Vision Foundation.