Daniel Kahneman

Nobel Laureate, Economics; Author, Thinking Fast and Slow

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work in understanding the drivers of financial and economic decision-making. Mr. Kahneman is a best-selling author, most recently of Thinking, Fast and SlowRead more


Alan Patricof

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Greycroft LLC; Founder, Apax Partners

Managing Director of Greycroft LLC and Founder and Chairman of Apax Partners Inc., one of the world's leading private equity firms. Mr. Patricof is especially well known for his financing of world-changing technology and business concepts, ranging from Apple to Office Depot. Read more


Maxine Fassberg 

Executive in Residence and Intel Vice President, Intel Capital

Semiconductor industry icon and one of CNN's 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech. Ms. Fassberg served most recently as CEO of Intel Israel and was key to Israel's becoming Intel's major advanced R&D and production center. Read more


Jack Hidary

Senior Advisor, Alphabet X Labs

Jack Hidary is a serial entrepreneur and a Senior Advisor to Alphabet X Labs, the advanced innovation lab of Alphabet/Google. Read more


Roger Kornberg

Nobel Laureate, Chemistry; Professor of Structural Biology, Stanford University

Stanford University professor and sole winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006 for identifying the process by which genetic information is copied from DNA to RNA. Prof. Kornberg is extensively involved in the life sciences industry, serving as scientific advisor to several cutting-edge new ventures. Read more


Professor Isaiah (Shy) Arkin

Vice President for Research and Development, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Isaiah (Shy) Arkin is both a noted biochemistry researcher and an expert in transitioning basic science breakthroughs to commercialization. Read more


Professor Uri Banin

Head of the Laboratory for the Science and Technology of Nanocrystals; Founder, Qlight Nanotech

Prof. Uri Banin is a world-renowned researcher and innovator on both the academic and entrepreneurial sides of nanotechnology. He holds chairs in both Solar Energy and Nanoscience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Read more


Hagai Bergman

Chief Investigator and Instructor, Basal Ganglia Research Laboratory, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The research of Prof. Hagai Bergman, winner of the 2013 Rappaport Prize for biomedical sciences, focuses on the research of basal ganglia physiology and the pathophysiological mechanisms of Parkinson's disease. Read more


David Blumberg

Founder and Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital

David Blumberg has 25 years of experience in funding committed entrepreneurs and helping them execute their transformative ideas into commercially successful companies. Read more


Aryeh B. Bourkoff

Founder and CEO, LionTree LLC

Aryeh B. Bourkoff is Founder and CEO of LionTree LLC, a differentiated global technology, media and telecommunications investment and merchant banking firm. Read more


Margaret Burgraff

Vice President, Software and Service Group and General Manager, Global Software Enabling, Intel Corporation

Margaret Burgraff is responsible for regional and worldwide account management in the Developer Relations Division. Her team delivers a fully unified presence to the independent software vendor community. Ms. Burgraff began her career at Apple Computer, where she launched the first iMac. Read more


Yaron Daniely

Chief Executive Officer, Yissum

Dr. Yaron Daniely has been the President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Alcobra Ltd, since March 2010. Immediately prior to joining Alcobra and since 2007, Dr. Daniely was the President and Chief Executive Officer of NanoCyte, Inc. Read more.


Inon Elroy

Israel's Economic Minister to North America

Inon Elroy was appointed Economic Minister to North America in August 2016. Mr. Elroy has more than 18 years of experience representing the Ministry of Economy and Industry in a wide range of executive positions both in Israel and overseas. Read more


Daniel Goldin

Founder and CEO, KnuEdge; Longest-Tenured Administrator, NASA

Dan Goldin is Founder and CEO of KnuEdge, a company he formed in 2005 to bring real thinking to machines. Before that, Mr. Goldin was the longest-tenured Administrator of NASA, where he led the reemergence of the organization through its most challenging times in space history. Read more


Clive Kabatznik

Chairman, Datos Health

Clive Kabatznik is a prominent AFHU leader and chair of AFHU’s Hebrew University Alumni Outreach. Under Clive’s leadership, this exciting new initiative includes spearheading alumni events in our regions, developing websites in conjunction with Hebrew University. Read more.


Jason Kelly

New York Bureau Chief and Executive Editor, Bloomberg

Jason Kelly has covered private equity, global finance and technology and was named Bloomberg's New York Bureau Chief in 2015. Read more


Shlomo Magdassi

Award-Winning Inventor in 3D printing, Solar Energy, and Bio-Medical Systems

World-renowned nanotechnology researcher, innovator and inventor. Prof. Shlomo Magdassi teaches chemistry at the Hebrew University, where his work spans the core technologies underlying 3-D printing, solar energy and next-generation biomedical systems. Read more


Marc O. Mayer

Board President, American Friends of The Hebrew University

Marc O. Mayer is currently Campaign Chair for AFHU, a member of AFHU’s national board and Northeast Region board; he has served on numerous committees, including the Executive Committee, Audit, and Investment. Read more.


Avner Mendelson

President and CEO, Leumi Bank

Avner Mendelson was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Leumi in the US in September 2013. He has been with the Leumi Group for eight years. During his tenure he has served as the Head of the Group’s Strategy and International Operations and as the Group CEO’s Chief of Staff. He has also served on Leumi’s US Board since 2012. Read more.


Howard Morgan 

Co-Founder, First Round Capital

Co-Founder of First Round Capital, which specializes in seed-stage funding for technology companies. Read more


Yifat Oron

CEO, Leumi Tech

Yifat Oron is CEO of LeumiTech, Leumi Group’s high-tech subsidiary. She is responsible for leveraging Leumi Group's capabilities and offerings to cater to high-technology companies' financing needs. Read more


Raphael Ouzan

Founder, BillGuard

World-renowned cyber- and data-security entrepreneur. Founder of BillGuard, ranked as "one of the top online banking innovations of all time" and a top 10 tech company. Read more


Shmuel Peleg

Co-Founder, BriefCam and Humaneyes; Professor of Computer Science, the Hebrew University

Professor Shmuel Peleg is a world authority in the analysis of video and the creation of panoramic pictures. Read more


Tomaso A. Poggio

Board Member, Mobileye; Director, Center for Brains, Minds and Machines, MIT

Prof. Tomaso Poggio develops computational models of brain function in order to understand intelligence and to build intelligent machines that can mimic human performance. Read more


Meital Reches

Founder, NanoAF

Meital Reches is a faculty member of the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and founder of NanoAF, a unique nanotechnology startup focusing on preventing bacterial contamination of surfaces across applications ranging from wastewater treatment to high-sterility medical devices. Read more 


Gillian Sandler

Managing Partner, Galapont

Gillian Sandler has two decades of experience as a chairman and CEO, board member, corporate strategist, advisor, activist investor, entrepreneur and equity research analyst. Read more


Andrew L. Shapiro

Founder and Partner, Broadscale Group

Andrew Shapiro has spent the last two decades working at the nexus of new technologies and societal transformation, with a focus for more than 15 years on energy and environmental innovation. Read more


Oded Shoseyov

Co-Founder, CollPlant, Melodea, Biobetter and Cannabi-Tech

A professor of nanobiotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a prolific inventor and entrepreneur, Prof. Oded Shoseyov has founded 10 companies based on engineering advanced materials for applications ranging from human tissue and jet fuel to food packaging and medical cannabis. Read more


Dune Thorne

Partner, Brown Advisory

Dune Thorne is a Partner at Brown Advisory where she heads the Boston office, serves on the Executive and Operating Committees for the firm and leads some of the firm’s largest and most complex investment advisory and consulting relationships. Read more. 


Itai Tsiddon

Co-Founder, Lightricks

Itai Tsiddon is Co-Founder of runaway mobile app success story Lightricks. The company's first product, Facetune, quickly became one of the world's leading paid apps, selling millions of copies and reaching the No. 1 paid app rank in more than 120 countries. Read more


Vijay Vaitheeswaran

China Business Editor and Shanghai Bureau Chief, The Economist

Vijay Vaitheeswaran is an award-winning author, senior editor at The Economist, accomplished public speaker and provocateur. Observing that “he does not shirk taking on tough topics,” Financial Times has declared him to be “a writer to whom it is worth paying attention.” Read more


Matthew Winkler

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Bloomberg News

Matthew Winkler is Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Bloomberg News, which he founded with Michael Bloomberg. Read more


Catherine D. Wood

Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, ARK Investment Management

Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of ARK Investment Management, Cathie Wood is on the forefront of technological advancements that revolutionize how the world invests. Read more


Jacob Worenklein

Chairman and CEO, US Grid Company

Jacob Worenklein has devoted his career as a lawyer, banker and executive to the solution of major problems relating to energy and infrastructure in the wealthiest and poorest countries of the world. Read more